Founder and Baker, Michael Diamond has been involved in animal rescue since he attended Warren Wilson College near Asheville, North Carolina in the 1990's.  Michael has rescued, fostered, and found forever homes for more than 40  dogs and cats  since then, and more than 25 for a local New York City rescue group; Social Tees Animal Rescue.  

Michael has worked as a bartender in NYC since he moved here in 2000, spending his spare time volunteering with rescue groups and Gods Love We Deliver.    Good mixology and baking go hand in hand.   Michael's love of fresh ingredients and interesting flavor combinations have contributed to his success as a bartender in some of New York City's most popular and renowned bars and restaurants.  He has worked at the Cubbyhole Bar, River Cafe, The Art Bar,  and most recently Red Rooster.

Well reviewed on Yelp! and encouraged by many bar patrons who know to ask for whatever may have been baked that day, Michael decided to offer his baked treats to the public to provide additional help to Social Tees.

Michael hails from Canton, Ohio and is the youngest of six kids.  At home he has a pit bull, a beagle, a cat, and a turtle;  all rescues.